01 Apr
2014 - 27074


If you are a dribbble player / visiting the dribbble website on a regular basis then you probably already know ramotion. Yep, they known for their stunning shoots that always get lot of attention of dribbble fans. 

Recently I had the opportunity to do a brief interview with Dennis Pakhaliuk, founder of ramotion.
Dennis is going to share his thoughts on iOS7 icon trend and design. Enjoy ;)

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21 Dec
2013 - 26181


Holiday is coming...

It means ... time for app shopping!

Yeah, app developers usually drop their app price tag during holiday season. So if you're lucky enough, you might found your favorite (wishlist) app is on sale.

I have compiled a list of popular productivity / utility apps that are currently on sale during this 2013 holiday session, listed from biggest price drop.

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12 Dec
2013 - 21274


Appleman, an iPad user from Japan, showing us the huge potential of iPad (and of course his skill to) by posting a rock drum solo video on Youtube. He was doing it by using Garage Band app and it's a fantastic performance .

11 Dec
2013 - 20494


There are alot medical apps available in the appstore but GlassesOff is little bit different. Its developer says that their app is created based by extensive scientific research and achievements that have been published in several leading scientific publications. And also, a report on the WSJ said that a 12-week study published in Scientific Reports found the program to improve letter recognition by 1.6 times.

So if you have a problem with your vision, it's worth a try.

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08 Dec
2013 - 20322


A new interesting project posted at Kickstarter, PowerUp 3. It's a set of smart module + app that allows you to control your self-made paper airline with your iDevices or Android 4.3 + based devices. It just need 8 hours to get its $50 K goal reached and today it's even reached 1000% of its goal while there are still 48 days left until it's funded. What a great achievement.

So, why don't pledge it today? While you're alone probably won't use it alot I believe it'll let you to have a great family time with your kids!

03 Dec
2013 - 20527


Have a closer look at the Morgan freeman photo above. Can you see something wrong with that photo?
No, Nothing is wrong with that photo except the fact, it's not a photo, it's a painting. An incredibly realistic painting.

It's Kyle Lambert who created it, a trained oil painter and illustrator from the UK. He created it using his iPad air with just one finger, one layer, 285 K strokes + 200 hours using the iPad with the Procreate 2.

Still don believe it? Hold you breath and watch this video below.

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27 Nov
2013 - 19118


After a long planned, I finally found time to make some serious improvements to iospirations.com 

If you've already been here before, you might notice that the changes are not just a ‘look’ changes, but also changes in the content structures, functions and software. You will also find that some of previous contents are no longer available at the new site.

Yap, it’s because, instead of just doing an upgrade, I finally decided to rebuild iospirations.com from scratch, for some reasons.

The main reason is, the primary extension I used for the old iOSpirations (It's TP gallery by TemplatePlazza) is no longer available for the new Joomla version. So instead of doing a lot of db-sync works, to re-build it manually is the safer choice for me. Many headaches and wasted hours of troubleshooting will be saved. 

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